Leasing Services:
Will advertise vacancies through media and broker listings. We will show your property to prospective tenants. We will perform all necessary prospective tenant interviews. We will provide credit investigations for each prospective tenant applicant and all necessary leasing qualification investigations. We will prepare all required tenant applicant forms and leases all in conformity will all local and state regulations.

Rent Collections:
Will collect rent due each month and deposit to your bank account. It is not necessary that any funds be placed in our accounts. All funds received will be in the owner’s name and deposited in the bank accounts of the owner. The owner can reimburse us for expenditures on an on-going basis. You have no risk of rental funds diversions or the loosing of control of expenses.
Day To Day Operations Management:
We take care of all tenant problems 100% 24/7. You receive NO phone calls in the middle of the night for plumbing problems, etc! We respond to emergencies with our tools in hand.  We will manage all repairs and supervise all maintenance, repairs, plus engage and manage all independent contractors. We can audit and pay all bills related to your properties operating expenses including mortgage payments, utilities, tax payments, maintenance, etc. We provide monthly professional operating financial reports.

We have decades of experience with a variety of different kinds of properties. We will provide consulting services to assist you in optimizing your return from your property while reducing your ownership risks. Our services include providing recommendations for alterations and modernization as the local market dictates.

Rental Surveys:
We will provide periodic rental surveys for your property to insure you are leasing at market rents. We will keep you informed about competitive market conditions in the local community of your property.
Regulation Compliance:
We are experienced and dedicated to insure your property complies with all local and state regulations. We help you avoid expensive litigations related to tenant rights and code building enforcement.